Welcome to Centro Health

At Centro Health, we make your health goals, our health goals. We believe in an individualized, multimodal approach to therapy that best suits your needs to live the life you want. We envision a world in which people age youthfully.

Our story

I have always been a perfectionist with attention to detail and have a keen interest in the human body, and people’s happiness.

My passion for chiropractic was ignited when I learned that there was more to treating health issues than surgery and medications. As I began working as a chiropractor, I recognized a health-care system that was broken.

I knew I had to make a difference!

At Centro Health we offer you a whole-body, patient-centered treatment plan based on a comprehensive and detailed assessment to find the root cause and a diagnosis that you understand.

We listen. We care. We empower.

We want you to do what you thought was IMPOSSIBLE. We want you to SUCCEED. We want you to reach your goals and live a happy and beautiful life.

Dr. Jasdip Purba (DC)


Adjustments and Mobilizations

Chiropractic adjustments help to alleviate pain or dysfunction between joints. Adjustments use a high-velocity and low-amplitude thrust, while mobilizations use a low-velocity, high amplitude thrust.

Muscular Release Therapy (M.R.T.)

Can help decrease spasm and tightness in muscles. It can be described as a movement based stretching technique used for muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia.


After the pain-relief phase, and concurrently during treatment, rehab is used to help you get back to functioning optimally, with the use of exercises and activities.

Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics are individualized shoe inserts that temporarily help to balance the mechanics of the body stemming from the lower extremities, via proprioception.

" Custom-tailored, comprehensive treatment plans that focus on meeting your health goals "